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Freshwater Catfish

Located in the "Catfish Capital of the World" - Belzoni, MS - Freshwater Farms has been producing high-quality Catfish since 1983. Currently, Freshwater Farms sells products nationwide through several major distributors. Our 44,000 sq ft facility is fully equipped with state-of-the-art processing and cold-storage equipment. Centrally located of 40 acres of land. Freshwater Farms' processing plant has its own water supply, which helps insure the safety and quality of all our products.

Fresh, slightly sweet, with a fine, tender texture that literally melts in your mouth. Catfish from Freshwater Farms is always of the highest quality, and farm-raised for optimum flavor, size and texture.

Not Just For Frying Anymore!

Grill it...   fry it...   saute it...   poach it...   broil it...   blacken it...   bake it...   barbecue it... No matter how you prepare it, the delicious flavor and texture of Freshwater Farms Catfish comes through beautifully.

Freshwater Farms processes only U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish that are monitored and tested from the pond to the plate. Our products come in a wide selection of cuts including fillets, strips, nuggets... even dressed. They are available in fresh, frozen, breaded or marinated and are offered in a variety of pack sizes.

Our Statement of Quality

At Freshwater Farms, product quality is a never-ending mission. While other companies speak of product safety and quality as a tradition that remains unchanged, Freshwater Farms looks at product quality as a continuously evolving process. We believe that understanding our customer begins with understanding the quality of products we make. We see every effort we put towards a better product as a long-term investment in our client relationship. Freshwater Farms has a state-of-the-art, in-house, quality control laboratory at our plant facility. So, in addition to the tests the FDA and USDA are independently conducting on our products and facilities, we perform a more stringent product quality assessment program for continuously monitoring Listeria, Salmonella, TPC and Coliform/E. coli. This program exceeds the current guidelines and standard care that is required of our industry. This will assure our customers that the products distributed from our facility have been subjected to rigorous inspection and product quality analysis.